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Every residential or commercial residence requires a fine water storage system to cater to the daily requirements. From hauling the water to places to using it as a septic tank, there can be multiple applications of a storage tank. While purchasing a poly water storage tank, you must keep multiple things in mind to buy the right storage tank to accommodate the purpose well. There is a huge variety of water tanks available at your disposal to choose from. Once you know your precise needs, you can narrow down the list to make the right choice.

How to Pick the Right Poly Water Storage Tank?

There are some factors to consider while picking the right polythene water storage tank. From cost, purpose, material, reliability, there can be various criteria for consideration. Some of these factors are:

Location of Installation

While buying a poly water storage tank, the first thing to consider is the location of the installation. There are two location preferences: above-ground storage level and below ground storage level. For above the ground storage level, you can either purchase a black or white storage tank.

Both of these are smooth tanks with a rounded top. However, there are a few properties that make them different. A black square water tank is designed to be comparatively more resistant to bacterial and algae growth. This is because the black tanks tend to absorb more heat than the white ones.

Underground Storage

For the underground storage level, horizontal water tanks are recommended that are not smooth in their structure. As these tanks are buried underground, their ribbed structure allows higher sturdiness and thus higher reliability. These are specifically designed to bear the water pressure in a balanced way.

A water tank designed for above ground level cannot be used for underground purposes. It is likely to collapse and crack under the high pressure on its structure underground.

Hauling Purposes

For hauling purposes, a poly water storage tank is embedded in the bed of pick-up trucks to serve the purpose. In such a scenario, a leg style storage tank can be used as they can easily rest on the truck’s bed. These tanks can hold large capacities of liquids and are mostly used for commercial purposes.

Elliptical tanks can also be used with metal bands to keep it firm and steady throughout the transportation. However, the leg styled tanks have horizontal legs in its bottom to keep it from rolling. This structure does not need metal bands for securing it from rolling off. Also, this poly water storage tank is highly cost-effective as compared to the elliptical tanks.

Septic System

For septic systems, there are tanks specifically designed to serve the purpose. These can have a single or double compartment system according to the place it needs to be installed. Such Poly storage tanks are available in different colors like yellow, blue, etc. They are meant to be used only for waste and not for clean water storage.

Best Poly Water Storage Tank Available in The Market

AQUATANK2 Water Storage Bladder (30 Gallon)

AQUATANK2 Water Storage Bladder

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This polythene water tank is a water storage bladder that is portable and very simple to use. It is specially designed to be useful in situations that require emergency storage, camping, or long-term storage. Also, it has a high capacity range and can be chosen according to the need. This storage tank comes in a 30-gallon, 60-gallon, 150-gallon, as well as 300-gallon capacity.

The material of this storage bladder is sturdy, strong, and reliable for the purpose of storage. It is also thin and light but is resistant to poking, stretching, and ripping. Even drinking water can be stored in this tank for long durations without second thoughts. Also, the water stays odorless, drinkable, and free from microbe build-up for a long time.


  • High portability allows the user to use it for water storage during emergencies, camping, cabins, or bug-out locations easily.
  • AQUATANK-2 comes with an inner lining that is 100% Food Grade TPU and thus can store drinkable water for long periods.
  • Keep the stored water odorless and thus avoid the usual contamination of PVC, plastic, or bladders.
  • It is highly durable and puncture-resistant due to its tough outer coating. Thus, it can be moved conveniently and be reused multiple times.
  • This also has a side outlet that allows ease of water release.


  • This product is a little expensive but effective for the purpose.
  • The tank can burst in case of excessive thrust when it is not handled with care.

RomoTech Vertical Polyethylene Reservoir, 550 Gallon

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This poly water storage tank is a thick-walled white-water storage tank for above ground level water storage. It has a heavy-duty design and can store up to 550 gallons of water or other liquids. The main purpose of this tank is portability, reliable storage, and convenient dispensing of liquids for long periods.

It can be used to store water, industrial chemicals, agricultural chemicals, and other liquids that are not readily flammable. The material used for vertical storage tanks polyethylene allows a translucency, thus adding visibility of liquid levels throughout the storage. This tank also has molded-in channels that allow the use of saddle straps for securing its position further.


  • RomoTech water storage is BPA free, and FDA approved. Thus, it can be safely used for storing drinking water.
  • It has a high capacity of about 550 gallons and a translucent material for enhanced visibility of liquids.
  • The outlet is positioned at the lowest point, which ensures maximum water release and minimum stagnancy.
  • This poly water storage tank can also be used to store non-flammable chemicals safely.
  • It also has molded-in graduation marks (in gallons and liters).


  • This tank cannot be used for fuel storage, septic systems, or grey-water applications.
  • The design of this tank is not suited for underground burial storage.
  • In cold weather conditions, it must be drained carefully to avoid cracking or damage to the tank.
  • It does not come with any color choices.

275 Gallon IBC Tote with Metal Pallet & Cage

275 Gallon IBC Tote with Metal Pallet & Cage

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This square water tank is a 275-gallon liquid storage tank that can be used for multiple purposes. It is a polythene water tank which is surrounded by a heavy-duty metal cage to ensure its safety while handling it. There is a plastic pallet installed at the bottom to allow forklift and convenient handling.

It can be ideally used for pressure washing, rainwater storage, aquaponics, diesel storage, garden watering systems, or campground water storage. The durable one-way tote is easy to use and is ideal for convenient emergency release. It can be used to contain food-grade propylene glycol, phosphoric acid, and glycerine.


  • This poly water storage tank can be used for storing flammable liquids as well.
  • The metal pallet and cage protect the tank and enhance its safety.
  • The design of this storage tank with the added cage also enhances mobility while securing stability.
  • It is chemical resistant and thus can be used for a variety of commercial uses.
  • This tank is non-collapsible and is very convenient, especially for emergencies.


  • There is no food-grade for the safe storage of drinking water.
  • While the tank can store flammable liquids, it is still recommended to check if the plastic is resistant to the liquid being stored. In the case of diesel, the plastic material might not be able to withstand it every time.
  • The metal cage, pallet, and tote are fixed and cannot be carried separately even while moving it.

RomoTech Horizontal Square Polyethylene Reservoir, 50 Gallon

RomoTech Horizontal Square Polyethylene Reservoir

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This is a polyethylene square water tank that offers a convenient way to store and dispense chemicals. You can pick from a 30-gallon, 50-gallon to a 100-gallon tank as per your specific requirements. It is a thick-walled reservoir with a translucent material to allow partial visibility to the user. Also, it has molded-in graduation marks on its wall to aid level measurements.

This RomoTech polyethylene water tank is used for the storage of chemicals for agricultural or industrial use, potable water, and other non-flammable liquids. However, the tank cannot store flammable hydrocarbons and fuels. Its body has molded-in channels for allowing the use of saddle straps for ease.


  • This tank is FDA approved for the use of storing potable water and chemicals safely.
  • It has a large drain and fill-cap, which allows quick and easy filling and emptying of liquids.
  • It is made up of medium density polyethylene. Also, the body of this tank is a heavy-duty and a one-piece construction that shields from UV rays.
  • The translucent material allows the user to view and monitor the liquid levels with ease.
  • Also, it is cost-effective and has molded-in channels that allow ease of mobility.


  • It cannot be used for storing flammable hydrocarbons, fuels, or in underground septic systems.
  • This poly water storage tank can only store chemicals with a specific gravity up to 1.7.
  • These tanks cannot withstand excessive pressure, and it is recommended not to stack them up.

Norwesco 45223 35 Gallon Horizontal Water Tank

Norwesco 45223 35 Gallon Horizontal Water Tank

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This is one of the horizontal water tanks that have capacities ranging from 12 gallons to 1500 gallons. These come in a variety of shapes and structures and are commonly used to store and haul liquids. Some of the common uses of these tanks are storing fertilizer solutions, water, agricultural or industrial chemicals, plant foods, etc.

Its structure is sturdy, stable, corrosion-resistant as well as lightweight for easing mobility. This reservoir is a leg style storage tank which has horizontal legs at the bottom to prevent it from rolling off. The tank is crafted using FDA approved material and can be used for safe storage of potable water as well. However, hydrocarbons are not suitable for storing in this tank.


  • This poly water storage tank has a five-inch opening lid, thus allowing ease of filling.
  • It has a leg style that provides stability to the reservoir during transportation.
  • This tank is FDA and NSF approved for storing potable water for long periods safely.
  • It keeps the water odorless and free from unwanted PVC or other plastic smell.
  • There is a huge variety of capacities available for picking the right sized tank according to the need.


  • This tank cannot be used for underground storage, septic systems, or for storing hydrocarbons.
  • As the tank has horizontal legs in the bottom, the liquid gets stuck there and makes it difficult for extraction.

Polyethylene 35 Gallon Chemical & Solution Tank

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This is a poly water storage tank that is used for the storage of chemicals and solutions. It is vertical in its structure and can store about 35 gallons of liquid. Usually, this tank is used for storing soda ash, hydrogen peroxide injection, chlorine, etc. The walls of the reservoir are translucent and thus allow the user to easily monitor the liquid levels anytime.

The design of this tank is small, sturdy, and narrow with a lid at the top. It has molded-in channels for saddle straps at the top of the tank. This vertical storage tank polyethylene is made up of rugged material, and it can be conveniently used indoors or outdoors.


  • This poly water storage tank is rugged, strong, and reliable for storing chemicals and solutions.
  • The narrow structure of the tank allows the user to easily position it anywhere conveniently.


  • This tank does not come in a variety of sizes and is limited to a 35-gallon capacity.
  • The structure of the tank is narrow, and it can get a little to clean and maintain it.


Q. How Long Does a Poly Water Storage Tank Last?

A polyethylene water tank is made up of high to medium density polymers. Their lifetime usually depends on their use. While some water tanks are used for storing only water, some are also used for the storage of chemicals and solutions. Such chemical solutions can be corrosive in nature and can shorten the life-span of the tank. However, the tentative life span of these tanks is around 15-20 years.

Q. How Do You Install A Plastic Water Tank?

To install a poly water storage tank, follow the steps below:

  1. Make the connection of the water tank inlet to a proper water source like a well or water distribution channel.
  2. Check if the valve of the tank is in place or not.
  3. Install a valve for pressure relief to keep the water pressure in control.
  4. Make sure to join the tank to a boiler drain.
  5. Install a pressure switch that will control the water inlet according to the water pressure in the tank.

Q. What Is The Best Base For A Poly Water Storage Tank?

The most suited Base for a poly water storage tank is a solid and flat surface. Generally, Concrete or Crusher Dust is used for making the Base. A boxed compact structure secures the tanks and prevents the tank from getting detached from fittings.

You should keep in mind that the Base should never be rocky or uneven. Avoid using bricks, timber sleepers, or iron decking for the purpose as they are highly unreliable. Concrete or Crusher Dust is recommended to prepare a stable base for a water tank.

Q. How Do You Connect Polyethylene Tubing?

The steps to connect Polyethylene tubing to your regular water supply are as follows:

  1. Disconnect the water supply to the tank and install the required fittings and tunings. Simply screwing or soldering in some cases, can solve the purpose.
  2. Install the T-fittings while keeping it in alignment with the water supply. The outlet should be facing you so that you can easily insert the poly tubing.
  3. On the pipe’s side where the threads fare acing the open end, attach the shut-off valve. Put on the compression ring and secure the valve using Teflon tape.
  4. Lastly, install the Polyethylene Pipe on the side of the pipe, which is still open.

Q. How Big Water Tank Do I Need For Mobile Detailing?

Mobile Car Detailing requires about 3-5 gallons of water per application. So, according to the business, you can calculate and pick the right sized water tank. For a medium-sized business, a tank of 35 gallons can be enough to suffice the demand.