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Water storage tanks are the ultimate water storage devices. With ample space to hold water, these robust tanks are used for a wide variety of applications. Water storage containers are used to hold drinking water, irrigation for agriculture, and livestock.

Multipurpose and strong water tanks can prove to be essential during times of water scarcity and drought. Interested in purchasing a water tank, but don’t know how to start? We went through a bunch of them to bring you the best water storage tanks you can purchase. Read on to find out the best water storage containers.

Best Water Storage Tanks

Water storage containers are the perfect home accessory for storing water. You can purchase water storage tanks in any size that you want. However, choosing a water tank depends on the purpose for which you will need it. Let’s go through some of the best water storage containers!

1. Scepter BPA Durable 5 Gallon Portable Water Storage Container

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If you’re looking for handy water storage containers BPA free, then you’re in luck! Scepter 5-gallon portable water tank makes for an excellent buddy for your outdoor travels. The 5-gallon water storage tank is BPA free and is used for storing drinking water.

The handles on the drinking water storage containers by Scepter make it very easy for carrying long distances such as hiking or camping trips. The scepter water tank is made of LDPE and HDPE plastics which are BPA free. You can rest assured that the chemicals, odor, and outside environment will not affect the water inside.

The body of the Specter water storage tank is compact and can easily fit in your car’s luggage space. The slim body makes the water tank perfect for carrying operations. The cap is screw-top and ensures airtight storage without any leaks. One unique feature of the Specter is that it has a small spout, which makes filling small bottles easy.

  • Size: 5 gallon/ 20 liters
  • Style: Green, 2 pack

2. Saratoga Farms 5-Gallon Stackables

Saratoga Farms 5-Gallon Stackables

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Saratoga has the best 5-gallon water storage containers. The tanks are designed in such a way that you can easily stack them up. The handles on the water tank make it easy to move and handle for daily use or emergency operations.

The Saratoga water containers are made from high-density polyethylene and are BPA free, which makes them ideal for drinking water storage. The non-toxic and food-grade plastic makes the Saratoga water tank extremely safe for use. These food-grade water containers are very durable and are effective in any weather.

Saratoga water tanks are a perfect solution for all your home and outdoor applications. You can use them as emergency water storage containers or accompany them on your next boating, camping or road trip. The Saratoga 5 gallon water containers are easy to carry. They are easily accommodated anywhere because of their compact design. The twist top cap sports a breathing port which makes it easy to pour out the contents of the large water storage container.

  • Size: 5 gallon
  • Style: 40-gallon stackables, 8 in number

3. WaterBOB Bathtub Emergency Water Storage Container

WaterBOB Bathtub Emergency Water Storage Container

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Do you not have the space to store large water storage tanks in your home? Are you the kind of person who doesn’t want the hassle of buying huge emergency water storage containers? Then the WaterBOB is the ideal solution for your water storage woes.

WaterBOB is a revolutionary product that can create 100 gallons of potable water storage containers, in your bathtub! No need to buy any massive tanks or containers when you can use the WaterBOB and design your emergency water reservoir. You can use the WaterBOB without the bathtub as well.

WaterBOB can help you store drinking water temporarily in emergency conditions like hurricanes, storms, or extreme drought. As opposed to storing water in an open bathtub, WaterBOB ensures safety from debris, soil, and air particles and keeps the water safe for drinking. The siphon pump makes it easy to extract water.

Made from food-grade and BPA free material, WaterBOB is the most economical and safe option for home water storage during any unforeseen disaster. When an emergency befalls you cannot rush to the store to buy drinking water storage containers. Don’t compromise the safety of your family and invest in a WaterBOB to be your savior during the difficult times.

  • Size: 100 gallon

4. Gallon Plastic Hedpack with cap

5 Gallon Plastic Hedpack with cap

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The cheapest large water storage container on this list, the plastic hedpack is used for storing a variety of liquids. The smooth and graduated square design of the food-grade water containers makes it easy for storing in tight spaces.

The design of the water tank is simple which also sports a very convenient handle for grab and go. The lid fits tightly and is supported by a vented lid for easy pouring. The Hedpack 5 gallon water storage tanks are made of BPA free plastic which is non-toxic and perfect for storing drinking water.

Are you looking for cheap yet effective drinking water storage containers? Then the Hedpack 5 gallon water tanks are the ideal option for you. You can use this water tank anywhere like home, office, boating, and camping trips. The water tank also has graduated markings so you know how much water you are filling.

  • Size: 5 gallon
  • Style: White

5. REDCAMP Portable Water Container

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If you’re looking for a large water storage container that is specifically designed for outdoor activities then REDCAMP is one of the best water storage tanks. Don’t waste time looking for other options when REDCAMP has got you covered.

The REDCAMP water container is designed keeping in mind the need for a water storage container for outside purposes like camping, hiking, and picnic, and boating expeditions. REDCAMP is a professional outdoor equipment brand. The water tank has some unique features. The features are non-slip cover, adjustable built-in faucet, sealing ring for preventing leaks, air inlet bucket, and a steady handle. It is also easy to clean because of the big opening. The features make the REDCAMP durable and potable water storage containers options.

Additional items in the water storage kit include sealing cap, cleaning brush, water pipe, and air inlet cover. A truly wholesome product that makes carrying drinking water a breeze.

  • Size: 4.9 Gallon/18.5 Liters
  • Style: White

6. iSpring T32M Pressurized Water Storage Tank

iSpring T32M Pressurized Water Storage Tank with Ball Valve for Reverse Osmosis RO Systems

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If you’re looking for a home water storage solution to supplement your Reverse Osmosis system, then iSpring is perfect for you! You can attach the water storage tank at the bottom and it will fill up with clean water. When you request to dispense the water from your RO system, the tank will deliver the water with its unique pressurized air bladder.

All the components of the iSpring water storage tank are made of high-quality metal. The metal body has undergone special surface treatment to make it anti-rust and prevents water from metal contamination.

The fitting on the iSpring drinking water storage containers is also made of stainless steel instead of cheap plastic. The iSpring water chamber is tasteless and odorless because of its FDA grade butyl diaphragm and post-cure procedures.

The water storage tank can fit into any RO system or water producing appliance. The water can dispense in both horizontal and vertical positions. Safe for use, iSpring is the best water storage container to go along with your water purifying system.

  • Size: 4 gallon

7. RomoTech Horizontal with Legs Polyethylene Reservoir

RomoTech Horizontal with Legs Polyethylene Reservoir, 65 Gallon

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Do you want a heavy-duty and large water storage container? Then Romotech is a good water storage solution for you. The product is shaped like a horizontal closed cylinder with legs and dimensions of 38 x 23 x 27 inches.

This product might be too huge for people looking for emergency water storage. However, its 65-gallon capacity can store water for daily usage. Romotech has food grade water containers, which can store a variety of liquids excluding flammable fluids like fuels.

Great quality and value for money for garden water storage tanks by Romotech. The design of the water storage tank is such that you can see the level of water from the outside. They also have molded graduated markings which make it even easier.

You cannot use Romotech water storage containers for pressurized applications. It is rated safe to use for industrial chemicals and agricultural chemicals.

  • Size: 65 Gallon

8. Emergency Water Storage 5 Gallon Water Tank – 20 Gallons

8. Emergency Water Storage 5 Gallon Water Tank - 20 Gallons (4 Tanks) - 5 Gallons Each w/Lids + Spigot & Water Treatment

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If you’re looking for emergency water storage containers then this product is everything you’ll ever need. With 4 tanks of 5 gallons each, you also get a water treatment kit that will purify the water. A true lifesaver for emergencies when you can’t go to the store and pick up the water tank.

An emergency doesn’t come with a warning sign. You should have all the necessary survival things prepared in a portable kit. The potable water storage containers will ensure that you have enough drinking water for a good period.

In the kit, you’ll a spigot for easy dispensing and lids. The color of the water storage tanks is a deep blue, which will make sure that there is no algae growth by controlling light. The body of the water storage container also has a ventilation cap for smooth pouring.

The handle of the water tank is easy to hold and has a good grip. You can easily stack the water tanks on top of each other for saving space. Made of food-grade plastic, the water storage tank is the best for outdoor activities and daily use.

  • Size: 4 tanks of 5 Gallon each
  • Style: 20 gallons of tank, lids, spigot, and Aquamira water purification Kit

9. WaterStorageCube BPA-Free Collapsible Water Container

WaterStorageCube BPA-Free Collapsible Water Container 5.3 Gallon with Spigot

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Collapsible water containers are the best water storage tanks to use in an emergency. The water storage tank by WaterStorageCube takes up less space and is very handy for outdoor activities. This water tank can be your water buddy for your hiking, camping, and boating trips.

Compact and easy to store and assemble, WaterStorageCube is the ultimate portable drinking water storage containers. You can stock up on these and stay prepared for any emergencies such as a hurricane, drought, storm, etc. The foldable food grade water containers are essential to your emergency kit and travel kit.

The WaterStorageCube comes with a spigot for easy dispensing. It’s reusable, lightweight and can be stored anywhere! The potable water storage containers are very strong and can withstand up to 4’ drops. Great quality one-piece built which handles pressure well.

Convenient, nature-friendly, and easy to handle, WaterStorageCube is the perfect water storage option for all applications! You can substitute the use of bulky water tanks and containers for the super sturdy and easy to use WaterStorageCube.

  • Size: 5 gallon
  • Style: 1 pack

10. Class A Customs | T-1000 | One (1) RV Fresh Water 10 Gallon Tank, Grey Water

Class A Customs T-1000 One (1) RV Fresh Water 10 Gallon Tank, Grey Water

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If you’re looking for a large water storage container for freshwater use then Class A customs has the perfect 10-gallon tank. You can fit this tank in an RV, camper, off-road vehicles, trailers, and much more. This tank is easy to install and made of Medium Density Polyethylene and UV 8 stabilization. All the fittings are made from the same material. Class A custom has done an excellent job with the design of the water storage containers. A smooth one-piece construction food grade water containers ensures that the water quality is not compromised.

The water tank is dust, stain, and rust-resistant and allows the user to see the level of water. The body of the water storage container is hard and robust. The tank should rest at the level position without any weights on it so that it’s stable during travel. The water storage container by Class A Custom must be vented for use.

  • Size: 10 Gallon
  • Style: Creamy white


Q. Do you need a pump for a water tank?

If you want to use the water throughout the house, then you need a water tank pump. The pressure pump will push the water out of the tank and you will get it at the desired location in the house. You will generally need a pump even if you have garden water storage tanks.

While some tanks come with a pump, you might have to change it to fit the pressure that you want. Here are some things to keep in mind while looking for a pressure pump:

  • Distance between tank and tap location
  • Energy usage
  • Water pressure requirements
  • Operational noise of the pump

Q. Can you store tap water in containers?

Yes. You can store tap water in containers like food grade water containers which are BPA free. The water storage tanks are made of high-density polyethylene and can store tap water for six months. If after that period you have not used the water, you must replace it and again keep it for six months.

Q. Can you use WaterBOB outside of the bathtub?

Yes. You can use the WaterBOB outside of the bathtub as emergency water storage containers. WaterBOB is preferred for use in the bathtub to avoid any accidental leaks. Leaks can happen from manhandling or pet scratches. WaterBOB is safe to use in any odd-shaped huge container or bathtub!

Q. What size of water tank do I need for my garden?

The size of the garden can vary from user to user. However, as a rule of thumb, you should always buy the biggest water tank which will fit your budget and available space. Alternatively, if you’re only looking to water your garden, invest in garden water storage tanks.

Q. How do I get rid of sludge in my water tank?

Prevention is always better than cure. If you’re collecting rainwater you might want to set up additional filters so that there are no leaves or insect/bird waste that will enter your water storage tanks. The main reasons for sludge buildup are bacteria and other harmful contaminants in the water.

If you only plan to clean your tank every other year you might want to invest in a professional’s help. It might be expensive but don’t put your life at risk by cleaning the tank yourself. Because, the tank is a very small, unventilated space, you might not have the expertise to handle its cleaning. Alternatively, you could also attach a small tank self-cleaning system.

The list has water storage tanks varying for use for everyday things to emergencies. From 5 gallon to 65 gallon, you can store any amount of water with basic care. Potable water storage containers come in different sizes and the prices vary from a couple of dollars to a few hundred dollars depending on the volume.

Now that you know the best water storage containers in the market, you can make a calculated decision regarding your water supply needs. Make the correct decision and never fall prey to water scarcity during emergencies.